Crew comeandtakeit

Live at Come And Take It

This week the Burn N’ Serve Crew performed live at Come and Take It venue on east Riverside in Austin, TX. This was the first performance since COVID-19 as a crew and featured other members of the Hope 4 Hip Hop Academy.

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Instruction Hope 4 Hip Hop

Hope 4 Hip Hop

Our crew has recently started training with Romeo Navarro, Armando Vargas, Eugene Soh, Roger Davis & Omar Davila. The group is as good as it gets and have a diverse range of instructors that teach everything from footwork to power. As Austin grows, so is its breakdancing presence and this soon to be non-profit group,…

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Break Austin – Stay Active

This is where it all started with BBoy Blitz on the southside of Austin. Blitz has a unique way of connecting with kids and teaching all the basics, while helping them find their passion for breakin’. With incredible UT half time shows, competitions and battles, there is no shortage of a great time in this…

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