Pack Leader

Straight from the streets of Jersey, this kid has some quick feet and breaks beats. Find him at the skate park or serving up lessons to the young guns.

Let the Cash Flow

C.R.E.A.M, right. At the top of the class, Cash brings big power and insane flexibility to the crew.

The OG

This girls feet are fire. They slice and dice their way through the air with precision and flare. She is the quiet assassin that out works and tears up the competition.

The Tornado

Speed and endurance keep this curly hair kid spinning. Step back, because once he gets spinning, there’s no stopping him.

Wild Nitro

This kid is wild and brings a fun and energy to the floor that is all his own. Watch him work.

The BG

Find BG working the crowd and elevating the game. With a fearless attitude and never short of confidence.

Class Is In Session

This girl takes no prisoners. With strength. power and drive she’ll battle the best without flinching.

Ms. Fly Right

Expect the unexpected and don’t let her height fool you. Once she hits the floor it’s on.